(Spoken translation)

Nowadays, anyone in the world can be anywhere.

Can you picture yourself at an international meeting and everyone appearing to speak the same language?

I can make this happen, I’m not going to wave a magic wand and have everyone speak the same language, but I can orally translate the words so that everyone would seem to speak the same language.

I guess it isn’t the first time you see this video; this is the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial. As the event came to a close, this video made headlines, as the signs made by the interpreter were unintelligible and didn’t make sense.

Due to this bad performance, some people were excluded and couldn’t understand the message or feel what the speaker wanted to transmit.

We are what we speak, and our success lies in how we do it, so why would you entrust interpreting to non-professionals?

Allow everyone to grasp your message and what you want to communicate.

Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn’t have to be like this. […] All we need to do is make sure we keep talking.

Stephen Hawking

What is the most suitable interpretation for my event?


Simultaneous interpreting

In a soundproof booth and with the appropriate sound equipment, the interpreter provides a spoken translation of the speaker’s speech, transmitting the message within a few seconds of each other. Thus, it will seem as if everyone speaks the same language.

What kind of events is it suitable for?

It’s advisable to start planning ahead and reserve the appropriate technical equipment. If you have any questions regarding technical equipment, I’ll be happy to answer them and advise you on how to hire it.


Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter provides a spoken translation of the speech with a time delay after the original text has been delivered. This is done using a special note-taking technique while the speaker delivers the speech.

What kind of events is it suitable for?

The preparation material is needed, and it is advisable to plan ahead. For the on-site event, it’s important that the interpreter can see the speaker and can hear them without problems. It’s also important to schedule appropriate breaks.


Liaison interpreting

Also known as bilateral interpreting. The interpreter stands between two speakers and takes note of what they say. Then, to ensure that the communication runs smoothly, the interpreter interprets short sections of the speech into both languages with a time delay.

What kind of events is it suitable for?

Interpreters should be in the same room as the other speakers, and they should see and hear them properly. It’s advisable to ensure that the interpreter is aware of all the details of the meeting that is to occur, such as what will be discussed, who will be there, their languages, the context in which the meeting is taking place, and so on.


Remote interpreting

This type of interpreting is similar to simultaneous, bilateral, or consecutive interpreting, the only difference being the mode of transmission. Here, the interpreters and/or attendees are not at the conference or meeting venue but follow it online or on-site.

What kind of events is it suitable for?

A specific web platform is required; please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. It’s also recommended to have a good and stable internet connection as well as an appropriate headset and microphone so that the remote interpreting can be carried out without interruptions.


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Translation and Localisation (SEO)

Do you want your message to reach international markets and to be understood by everyone? In a globalised world, translation is essential for our text, document, manual, website, etc. to have an impact on new markets. Leave your text in my hands.


If an international marketing campaign is to be effective and generate the same effect in different markets, translating isn’t enough. Knowledge of the target audience plays a fundamental role. I’ll help you with this, paying special attention to the emotional and cultural background of the target group

Editing and proofreading

In an ever-changing world, where speed and improvisation are the order of the day, precision is a trait that shouldn’t be missed. Proofreading texts, whether original or translated, ensures perfection and accuracy. I’ll make sure that the final text is errors free and sounds natural.