Translation and Localisation

Our texts are the written forms that we use to present ourselves to others and in other markets

The translation is the only way for these texts to reach individuals who don’t speak English

You may believe that using Google Translate is the best way to get your translation done quickly and cheaply, but here there’re some examples to show you why using my services is the best alternative.

Original version

Es que, qué cotillas somos las mujeres, ¿verdad? Y que mala hostia tenemos cuando nos pisan lo fregao

Translation with Google Translate

What gossip we women are, right? And what a bad host we have when they step on us scrub it…

These examples demonstrate that if a professional translator hadn’t translated this song, the finished product wouldn’t make any sense at all, nor would it be catchy.

Translation with professional translators

Us women are so noisy, right? And we have such a bad temper when rubbed the wrong way

Using an automatic translator may be the cheapest option, but it isn’t the most effective. The cost of a faulty translation can be incalculable.

I’ll adapt your text and translating it properly and accurately so that it’ll be perfectly understood in all four corners of the world.

My languages are German, English and Spanish. If you need a translation in another language, please get in touch with me.

What are The Different Types Of Translation?


General translation

Translation is essential so that people who don’t speak the same language can communicate with one another. Nowadays, our products and services can reach any part of the world, thus they must be correctly translated to generate the same impact in any part of the world. This is achieved by knowing both the source and target languages so that the translated text doesn’t lose its true essence.

What can I translate?


Specialised translation

It’s well known that each sector has its own language, terminology, and jargon. Therefore, it’s important that the translator is familiar with the subject matter to be translated, as well as the particulars and terms specific to each field. Crafting specialised translations implies having specific knowledge of the sector and both languages. Normally, the texts to be translated are aimed at a more specialised and smaller audience, who are usually experts in the field at hand.

Fields that I translate:

Medical translation



Fashion and beauty

Agriculture and fisheries

Technical translation



Advertising translation

Audiovisual translation


Renewable energy

Do you want to translate a contract, a certificate, a birth or marriage certificate, a residence permit or any other document of a legal or other specialised nature?

Don’t worry, I’ll get in touch with my colleagues who are experts in the required subject, and I’ll arrange your translation so that you don’t have to worry.


Localisation (SEO)

It’s the translation of software and websites to internationalise our brand, make it possible to break into new foreign markets and boost our international reach.

In an interconnected world, most companies attempt to sell their goods and services beyond their borders. There are many translated websites, but not many of them are well translated. Some companies prefer to use an automatic translator, such as Google’s, but anyone who’s ever tried it will have noticed that it’s not the most recommendable or professional thing to do. That’s why I’d like to remind you that translating is an investment, not an expense.

It is important that you send me the source code or that the text format is editable (Word, Excel, .txt, InDesign, or HTML). It would be best to receive it in a compressed folder so that I’ll be able to analyse the length and the content as a whole.

Are you ready to open the door to new markets?

Have I heard SEO?



Do you want to make Google fall head over heels with your website and have it appeared at the top of the search results? I translate with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind. This type of translation is aimed at positioning the website. During translation, the quality of the text is always maintained; this text always includes keywords. These vary from one language to another, changing their frequency and density of use.


Have a look


Do you want your international event or multilingual meeting to run smoothly and communication not to be a problem? With my interpreting services communication will flow. All attendees will seem to speak the same language.


If an international marketing campaign is to be effective and generate the same effect in different markets, translating isn’t enough. Knowledge of the target audience plays a fundamental role. I’ll help you with this, paying special attention to the emotional and cultural background of the target group.


In an ever-changing world, where speed and improvisation are the order of the day, precision is a trait that shouldn’t be missed. Proofreading texts, whether original or translated, ensures perfection and accuracy. I’ll make sure that the final text is errors free and sounds natural.