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If you’ve made it this far, you will already know (or so I hope) the difference between translation and interpreting. So let me now introduce you to a “new” member of this world, transcreation. If hearing this word has sounded all Greek to you, don’t worry; you’re in the right place; I will explain what transcreation is all about.

Translation has been (and continues to be) a living, evolving discipline. Translation has been evolving for decades to respond to social demands with its own services tailored to each case, perhaps because of its human nature or because it lies halfway between so many other disciplines. As a result, a range of services is being generated in the sector, and they are, without a doubt, making their way into the field as services covered by the sector.

Let’s start at the beginning, the word itself. “Transcreation” is a word made up of the words “translation” and “creation,” and it is precisely that. Transcreation is an adaptive creative process of translating ideas, feelings, and reactions, usually from marketing and advertising content. It meets the new demands and needs of an interconnected, digital world that values communication. Thanks to transcreation, a message will elicit the same reaction and have the same impact regardless of where it is received. The main objective will be achieved in this way, i.e., to captivate and sell a product, service, or idea in any market in the world powerfully and effectively.

Advertising is the most direct form of communication between companies and the public. As a result, it is frequently the area where transcreation can be most decisive. We have a lot at stake when we launch an advertising campaign in another country. We must adapt our discourse if we adapt images, symbols, etc. More than translating is required for an international marketing campaign to be effective and have the same effect in different markets. It is crucial to know the target audience and their emotional and cultural context so that the end result appears initially designed for the target market.

Transcreation is a highly creative process that requires linguistic and cultural understanding. Whether you need to transcreate advertising campaigns, press releases, slogans, or taglines, hiring an experienced and qualified professional is essential.

If you need transcreation services for your company, you’ve hit the nail on the head; I’m just a click away. I’ll be happy to give you a hand.

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